23 апр. 2011 г.

Никогда не думал что Visio Stencils так свободно распространяются, например нашел их для всего сетевого оборудования HP, включая продукты TippingPoint:

HP-Networking-A5xxx-Switches.vss – Added TAA compliant versions of several A5120, A5500 and A5800 switches – Updated several of the older shapes with new images
HP-Networking-A12500-Switches.vss – Added Power Supply Expansion for A12518
HP-Networking-Security.vss – Added TippingPoint JC182A Core Controller and JC577A S6100N Intrusion Protection System – Added S5100N IPS, S2500N IPS, S1400N IPS and S660N IPS front views


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